Excellent protection
Lean optimization, logistics and packaging
Simple handling and maximum accessibility
Custom design
Range of light and reusable materials
Long useful life
Cost but not quality saving

Different electronic components require very specific protection against vibrations, degradation, electrostatic discharges, etc.

Our mission is to provide maximum protection, ensuring safety in all processes: transport, storage and transit, adapting to the characteristics of each product to protect it.

Especially sensitive electronic products need to be transported in compliance with the international standard UNE-61340-5-3 in ESD packaging. Anti-static or dissipative material.

Electronic components that require our packaging include cards, PLCs, PCs, CNCs, medical equipment, audio equipment, locks, security and access control, and different systems…

The materials used in the packaging are anti-static and conductive ESD foams, polyethylene foam, polypropylene, foam, etc.

The packaging solutions are provided by the engineering and design team with protective foams.