Excellent protection
Lean optimization, logistics and packaging
Simple handling and maximum accessibility
Custom design
Range of light and reusable materials
Long useful life
Cost but not quality saving

The different items in the armaments sector require very specific protection in each case.

Our mission is to ensure that the item to protect reaches its destination safe and sound. We do this with a unique design adapted to the part with custom packaging using the most suitable materials in each case.
We achieve maximum protection, ensuring safety throughout the process, transportation, storage and transit of the product.

Armaments sector products that require our packaging include military trunks and briefcases, firearms such as pistols, revolvers, rifles and carbines as well as ammunition and other military items…

The materials used are pyramidal acoustic polyethylene and polyurethane foams, Korrvu and polypropylene.

The packaging solutions to protect the different items are protection foams, protectors, self-assembly boxes and trays…