Excellent protection
Lean optimization, logistics and packaging
Simple handling and maximum accessibility
Custom design
Range of light and reusable materials
Long useful life
Cost but not quality saving

There is a high level of exportation of tool industry items so when they are shipped by different means of transport, they require a very specific protection material in each case.

Our objective is to provide maximum protection, ensuring safety throughout the process: transport, storage and transit, adapting to the characteristics of each product to protect it.

We design and advise the best solution adapting to your needs by combining materials of different hardness, rigidity and colours, as well as engraving letters, numbers and logos on the foam.

The materials used in the packaging of the tools are polyethylene foams, which can be anti-static, non-slip, returnable, non-abrasive, etc.

Tool and presentation items that require our packaging are interiors for suitcases, trolleys, boxes, etc., all with a custom design.