Excellent protection
Lean optimization, logistics and packaging
Simple handling and maximum accessibility
Custom design
Range of light and reusable materials
Long useful life
Cost but not quality saving

The manufacture of white goods: dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, etc., and brown goods: screens, audio and video systems, such as small applications (PAE) comprise an assembly line from the arrival of the raw material through to the final release of the product to market.

In this respect, supply packaging on the production line is essential for assembly lines. It is a way to optimise the logistics chain from the origin of the part through to its assembly.

This type of packaging is completely custom-designed and made, selecting in each case the product and customer’s needs.

A diverse range of household appliance components require our packaging: parts for refrigerators, dishwashers, screens, audio-video systems, and many more besides.

Our protection materials used in the household appliance sector are polyethylene foams, EPS and foam; without forgetting recycled foams and low abrasive foams.

We design packaging solutions such as positioners, trays, protective foams, reusable boxes, flexible and rigid cell dividers, interlayer packaging (intermediate packaging layer)…