Excellent protection
Lean optimization, logistics and packaging
Simple handling and maximum accessibility
Custom design
Range of light and reusable materials
Long useful life
Cost but not quality saving

Texture, colours, touch and attractive distribution of elements take precedence in a packaging solution thanks to the wide variety of materials and a creative design, giving an added value of aesthetics and order to the product.

From a functional point of view, apart from presentation, the customer protects the packaged product with anti-shock and vibration absorption.

Presentation items that require our packaging are marketing, promotion, merchandising and branding products; in industry they are typically interiors of briefcases, trolleys, boxes, etc.

We design and advise adapting to your needs with packaging solutions of protective foams, protectors and trays, including engraving of letters, numbers and logos on the foams.

The materials used are polyethylene foams with a combination of colours, varying hardness and rigidity, achieving original and attractive finishes.